uVu Technologies Grows Globally with New Brand, Three Divisions

Boca Raton, FL - Over the past 10 years, uVu (pronounced "you-view") Technologies has grown into a global premier design and materials engineering leader, recognized for its contributions to manufacturing efficiency and to consumer safety for spill-proof beverage lid technology. It has also established itself for its innovative digital software support for mobile app developers.

"When you look at the spectrum of our innovations and inventions, which have earned nearly 60 patents, it is difficult to describe us as one company,” said uVu CEO David Weiss. “In truth our company has expanded into three core divisions. That is the reason for a new branding program that gives us the umbrella uVu brand along with supporting divisional recognition."

Weiss continued, "Indeed, uVu is not only a 'multi-sector provider of technology innovations,' it is also a respected research, development and teaching resource to many top universities."

The new uVu Technologies umbrella brand encompasses:

  • uVu PACKAGING: This division will focus on the firm's licensed spill-proof lid technology and other related packaging lines that protect thousands of consumers and employees from dangerous spills, saving businesses costly liability and workers compensation lawsuits.
  • uVu INSTRUMENTS: Focusing on uVu's thermoforming enhancements, this uVu division offers manufacturers' production facilities far more control, precision, transparency and flexibility during packaging production runs than ever before possible. Thanks to the ToolVu system, thermoforming production runs are continually monitored and can trigger instant alerts if a quality-control window is exceeded. ToolVu can save companies thousands in costs by controlling wasted units and resources.
  • uVu DIGITAL: This division focuses on innovations in digital development, which help mobile e-commerce application developers embed feature-rich NFC-compatible capabilities into their apps, while slashing development time to market.

Weiss concluded: "We do complicated thinking to fulfill our mission of making the world safer and better through innovation. Our thinking gives a new, unique view (thus the name - uVu) to both physical and digital producers of end products and ultimately to the consumer."

uVu's global brand structure is supported by a modernized logo mark and dedicated identities for each division. In addition, there's a comprehensive new website and marketing hub,, which also houses its new safety lid demonstration video. Additional new branding elements include updated trade show and collateral materials.

About uVu Technologies
uVu Technologies is a leading packaging, instrument and digital technology design company based in Boca Raton, Fla. uVu licenses the technology they invent, including packaging, manufacturing instruments, and software. The company has close to 60 domestic and international patents that facilitate its mission to make the world better and safer through innovation. uVu’s leadership team teaches at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, and remains at the forefront of leading-edge research and product development.

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