Thermoforming Quarterly: K Show 2013 Thin Gauge Thermoformers

Run down on the Thin-Gage (Roll Fed) Thermoformers at the 2013 K-Show – Mark Strachan, President, uVu Technologies, LLC.

It seemed only the other day that I attended the 2010 K-Show and over the 8 days that I attendee the 2013 show, ,I as an exhibitor took every opportunity to break away from our ToolVu booth to see the latest offerings at the many thin gage thermoforming related exhibits. Not that the good beer wasn’t another good reason to linger a little longer at choice thermoformer booths.

Not surprisingly, most of the thermoforming machinery manufacturers had chosen to present two of what has for many years been considered the most popular European style thermoforming configurations and which is fast now becoming the norm in the USA for smaller runs 

I have listed the details (by no means in order of preference) of the machinery, the related tooling and special features that in my opinion should be well noted by those interested in purchasing new thermoforming machinery. In some cases I have added diagrams of my own that may better explain the usefulness of some of these special features, but I chose not to list the equipment manufacturer’s names as my intentions are merely to update you on the latest developments in thermoforming and equip you with the questions you can ask when purchasing equipment.

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