The $100 Million Drive-Thru Challenge

The $100 Million Drive-Thru Challenge

A newly published 3-minute video may surprise many execs…

Portland, Oregon (October, 10, 2014) - Two servers, 30 beverage lids and a challenge. Just how much time can the new uVu lid design really save drive-through servers?  

The Drive-Thru Challenge pits uVu’s lid technology against the traditional to-go coffee lid. The video will premier during the 2014 Coffee Fest Portland trade show being held October 17-19 at the Oregon Convention Center (Booth 210) and is also published at It reveals significant revenue implications for fast food executives looking to provide a faster and safer drive-thru experience.

On average, uVu Lids shaves 3 seconds off every beverage transaction. That extra three second gain could easily drive millions more in annual revenue, based upon typical fast food industry drive-thru volumes. In fact, former McDonald’s CEO, Jack Greenberg, told QSR, a national trade magazine targeting fast-food executives, that “unit sales increase 1% for every 6 seconds at the drive-thru.” Combine that with estimates that the 2/3 of the $30 billion breakfast industry come from the drive-thru and we’re at a $100 million increase in revenue just from using the faster uVu Lids.

It’s the design itself that drives the greater efficiency. Typically, employees must double or triple check that a traditional to-go beverage lid is sealed by both visually inspecting and running their fingers along the rim. The uVu lids are unique to the industry because they eliminate the need for these safety checks. No other lid on the market provides confirmation the lid is on securely.

uVu Lids feature an extra-deep reservoir and inner seal designed to prevent spills. They’re also the only lids with a quick-snap design and visible windows that let servers instantly hear, see and feel the lid lock into place. With no need to double and triple check seals, costly seconds are saved.

There are additional safety benefits as well. Every time a traditional lid on a hot beverage leaks or loosens, customers are at risk of burns and damaged clothing. Lawsuits are constantly filed for injuries from spilled customer beverages. Employees are also at risk of slip and fall injuries on wet floors. A safer lid can prevent quite a few painful accidents and costly litigation.

uVu Lids are in use across the country and users attest to the time saved and increased safety. Their reactions, as well as the Drive-Thru Challenge, are published at

ABOUT uVu Lids and uVu Technologies

uVu Lids is the safety packaging division of uVu Technologies, a premier packaging, instrument and digital technology design leader based in Boca Raton, Florida. The uVu mission: to make the world better and safer through innovation. The firm supports multi-national food manufacturers, retailers and other related clients with end-to-end expertise across product design and development, prototype development, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, legal, and financial support.

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