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Why Reinvent The Wheel? Embed These Five NFC App Features Most Customers Need

Media Bridge includes five patented NFC-ready features in one license. Use one or two…or embed them all. Your customers will find these capabilities invaluable. You’ll find them a huge time-saver!
1. Security: adding an extra level of confidence
Typical NFC mobile transactions are instantly processed with an unlocked phone and pin code or swipe. Users have no chance to review their transaction and confirm or cancel. Media Bridge adds an additional approval screen at the end of your app’s transaction process that provides this additional step: it’s extra security, beyond what NFC technology currently offers.
2. Upsell Engine: driving higher margins and ROI
Embed Media Bridge’s upsell engine to offer your clients upsell and cross-sell revenue during the purchase/post-purchase process, as well as powerful lead generation capabilities for marketing campaigns.
The feature can intercept any mobile transaction generated through your app and connect to your client’s database to: (1) track what else the buyer viewed; (2) what similar customers have viewed or purchased; (3) make targeted upsell/cross-sell recommendations.
It also offers interactive lead generation opportunities: it can support promotional contests, marketing campaigns and other tie-ins where books, posters, packaging or other promotional materials are scanned, driving participants to deeper info, prizes or point of sale.
3. Analytics: Capturing buying behavior, trends and more
Add robust data-mining capabilities to your app with Media Bridge Analytics. The feature tracks all market-driven data for your clients, including shopping behavior, number of visits or browsing history; time of day purchase was made; location; frequency of purchases; and dozens of other variables. It offers your app clients the tools and marketing intelligence to create a completely personalized shopping experience for every customer.
4. Social Media Intelligence: Leveraging the power of social platforms
The Media Bridge Social Media Intelligence feature not only encourages users to share purchase experiences with friends, but makes the process of doing so – and the tracking of their behavior much more precise. Your clients can measure drilled-down social media activity: reach, viral speed, total impressions, as well as user behavior.
5. Opt-In: Strengthening customer relationships
The Opt-in feature enables your clients to build their database and strengthen relationships with existing customers for future marketing efforts. It adds easy opt-in functionality that allows app clients to add users to email lists, promotional campaigns, e-newsletter subscriptions and other opt-in programs. The opt-in functionality can be integrated as part of the purchase transaction directly – or offered to users participating in a marketing promotion or contest. Both email and/or SMS formats are available.
Get all five powerful features with one Media Bridge license:
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