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Media Bridge Adds In-Demand App Features - Without Costly Development Time

Most of your mobile app clients will need to achieve most, if not all the following goals:
  • Ensure the best possible e-commerce transactional security for their customers
  • Drive incremental upsell and/or cross-sell revenue for better ROI
  • Track critical customer buying behavior, purchase trends and other marketing analytics
  • Leverage the immense power and reach of social media
  • Build stronger relationships with customers, to stay top of mind and fuel future efforts

With Media Bridge, your app can offer it all

uVu's patented Media Bridge software libraries offer five in-demand mobile commerce features most of your customers will want or need. Each is embeddable into any NFC app you’re developing. All offer you robust functionality in a fraction of the time it would normally take for you to build these capabilities from scratch.

One Media Bridge license includes all five features: each featuring text link to features and benefits page

  1. Extra e-commerce security
  2. Up-sell/cross-sell engine
  3. Analytics Tracking
  4. Social Media Intelligence
  5. Opt-In Screen

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