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Consumers sound off: ill-fitting lids are a BIG problem

Most consumers won't give the lid on their cup a second thought - until it suddenly fails and hot coffee spills on their clothes or their car's upholstery. These days, people aren't shy about venting their frustration in person or to millions of their online connections across Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

Consumers love uVu lids

The national chain, Big Apple Bagels®, replaced their conventional hot beverage lids with the licensed uVu lid design in a three-month marketing test across stores in three states. Then, an online survey was given to customers to gauge results:

  • 89% of customers agreed: “this lid would make me feel more secure and confident”
  • 76% of customers said they’d be more likely to visit a coffee shop if it offered a more secure fitting lid.

The feedback was so compelling, uVu’s licensed lid design was rolled out to all Big Apple Bagels® and My Favorite Muffin® locations nationwide.

Big Apple Customers:
“These are the best lids you guys ever had.”
“Finally, a lid that I know will stay put”

See the unique uVu lid consumers are talking about