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uVu lids were put to the test

It's easy to claim superior packaging: it's another thing to prove it. That's why the uVu team turned to the experts at Bureau Veritas. This independent, third-party testing firm provides conformity assessment, certification and consulting services to industry, government and individuals worldwide, in full compliance with quality, health and safety, environmental protection standards and regulations.

Bureau Veritas put uVu lids through a series of rigorous tests, measuring their tensile strength, snugness (pop-off test) and crack resistance. They passed with flying colors. See for yourself:

Lid Skirt Tensile Test

  • Using a Tinius Olsen Tensile machine each lid was clamped by two pneumatically operated jaws, positioned 1/4 inch apart vertically.
  • The clamps hold the lid in place using textured contact plates 1 1/2 inch wide and 1 inch tall.
  • A lid skirt is clamped into the top jaw (lid perpendicular to the ground), then stretched as necessary into the bottom jaw, and clamped into place, allowing the lid skirt to be torn at a localized point.
  • The top jaw moves forward at a rate of 1 inch per minute, stretching the lid skirt until it breaks.
  • The maximum force to break is recorded for each pull.
  • Each lid was tested at the 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock, and 3 o'clock position; where the sipper hole is a reference at the 6 o'clock position.
  • Tensile strength of a single lid is an average of the force for each tested position.

Lid Pop-Off Test

  • Using a force gauge, the sidewall of a standard 16oz paper cup was deflected 1/4 inch, at 1/3 the distance from the top of the rim.
  • If the lid does not pop off at the 1/4 inch deflection, the force was recorded and then applied until collapse of the cup, or pop off of the lid, and the force again recorded.

Lid Fit and Environmental Stress Crack Resistance

  • A cup is filled 1/4 inches from the top with coffee, creamer and whipped cream (cool whip), minimum 190°F for the coffee, aged 10 minutes.
  • The cup is then tilted at an angle of 45° for two minutes opposite the side seam of the cup. Any signs of leakage are reported.
  • The cup is then left in the upright position for two hours, shaking every 20 minutes, so that the whip cream (cool whip) is in contact with the inside of the lid. The lid must not crack.

Now you know: there's no better, safer lid than uVu: See it for yourself