uVu® Lid Recognized for Innovation in Lid Safety

“Kick the Can: Coffee Packaging Innovations”

Ashley Prentice, Coffeetalk Magazine

Dateline: May 4, 2012, Seattle:

uVu Lid Recognized for Innovation in Lid Safety

Finally, a lid that will help avoid unintentional spills. It is happening daily at coffee shops and restaurants where coffee spills on the counter, floor, or even worse…on the customer. Many times the cause of these spillages is that the lids are not secured on the cup properly. And while spills can be bothersome and inconvenient, in some cases they can be dangerous.

The uVu® Lid provides a safer and more secure customer coffee drinking experience than any other lid in the market today. The lid contains several patented and patent pending features, which visually, audibly, and tactilely confirm a firm fit and seal on a beverage cup. Patented visual cues or slots immediately show a consumer or retail employee/barista whether the lid is seated on the cup. If the lip of the cup is present and viewable through all four slots the lid is securely seated and ready to use. If any of the slots are left exposed with no cup lip showing, the customer or retail employee/barista is immediately prompted to press down on that exposed point thereby sealing the lid. These particular interference points differ from conventional “plug fit lids” which require countervailing sealing points from the outside of the lid as well as the inside. It amounts to a firmer seal, yet allows the lid to be removed relatively easily when the customer wishes to add condiments (such as sugar, cinnamon, etc.) to the hot beverage.

The uVu® lid has been in development for twelve to fourteen years and first entered the market last summer with a with a successful in-market study at several Big Apple Bagels® restaurants in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. David Weiss, CEO, uVu® Lid Company says, “It is our fervent belief that as we continue to smartly scale up, that every lid, eventually, will include the uVu® visual cues to notify a user when a lid is actually seated to a cup/container. It is easy, efficient and a simple method to assure a secure and safe fit.”

uVu Lid was the winner of the 2012 SCAA – People’s Choice Award – for Best New Packaging Product.

uVu's newly-issued design patent adds to the company's impressive IP portfolio.

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