Launch of uVu® Lids to all Big Apple Bagels® and My Favorite Muffin®

Dateline: May 28, 2012

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Fresh off its win of the 2012 SCAA People’s Choice Award for Best New Packaging, uVu Technologies announces shipment of the uVu® Lid to all Big Apple Bagels® and My Favorite Muffin® locations throughout the United States. “We are pleased that our first in market study conducted last summer has resulted in such great success solidifying our relationship with Big Apple Bagels® and confirming consumer affirmation of the product,” states David Weiss, uVu Technologies’ CEO. “This is the beginning of a planned, logical, scale up for the uVu® Lid which will culminate in our technology being incorporated in every food and beverage container. We learned (at the SCAA), there is a huge clamor among the consumer and retail population for a food and beverage lid that easily signals it is on, sealed and fitted to the matching container, thus reducing the potential for unintentional spillage and spoilage. The uVu® technology meets this demand.

uVu also provides product to Intelligentsia independent coffee stores such as Blue Cat Cafe in Highland Park, IL and Brew Urban in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

uVu Technologies announces the issuance of two new patents and the filing for two new patents in the area of food and beverage lid containers. In addition to its current domestic and international patent portfolio, these additional patents will enable uVu® to offer its proprietary “See and Seal ™” technology throughout the food and beverage packaging industry as a far better and safer alternative to the present state of the art.

More evidence of uVu’s steady expansion is the recent move to new Boca Raton, Florida headquarters. The two-story, 15,000- square foot building houses a 400-square foot conference room; 1300-square foot fitness center; and serves as a complementary structure to uVu’s existing onsite Thermoforming Research and Development Laboratory. The firm’s leading-edge lab allows rapid prototyping capabilities together with tool and cavity replication and innovation along with a manufacturing proving ground all aimed to enable uVu to become the leader in food and beverage packaging “See and Seal™” closure technology and to provide a turnkey vertical start-up solution in a wide variety of resin packaging.

 uVu® Lids and Big Apple Bagels® successfully conclude a three month in market test.

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