uVu Lids & Coffee Fest Seattle - A Successful Brew

Seattle, Washington - October 130, 2013 - The caffeinated rush of the Coffee Fest Trade Show has settled, but the work has just begun. Three jam-packed days of uVu Lids demos for industry professionals and attendees could not have been more fruitful.

Everyone was attracted by the dynamic red and black colored lids, but stuck around to learn more about the upgraded technology built into every one of the uVu Lids. The double inner seal and uVu Windows were the star of the show. "My favorite reaction was from the baristas." said Stefan Ebert, Marketing Manager of uVu Lids. "They will tell you right away if they love or hate your product. The smiles and the "We need this!" comments were pretty much all the affirmation we needed. Then when they ran to get their bosses so they can see it for themselves it really told us we have a great lid." 

Coffee Fest was the unveiling of the newest version of the uVu Lid. It's now the lightest and safest lid on the market - attributes that did not go unnoticed. Fellow exhibitors put the lids through the gauntlet of tests. Drop tests, squeeze tests, hand pass tests, even drink tests and uVu Lids all passed with flying colors. "We're very excited at the reaction we received from distributors, manufacturers and coffee shop owners alike," said David Weiss, CEO of uVu Lids. "The response was unanimously positive. Seattle is ground zero in the coffee industry so we're happy to have found success here."

Hundreds of demos, thousands of samples and countless smiles later and the show is complete. The orders are already flowing in. We can't wait to work with all the people we met at the show. Like the barista said, "We need this!" Don't worry, we'll be in a coffee shop near you soon enough.

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