uVu to Release Even Safer, Better Lid at SCAA

uVu Technologies Introduces Revolutionary Coffee Cup Lid

ūVu Lids are a safer, user-friendly alternative to traditional disposable coffee cup lids

uVu Technologies, a leader in packaging solutions based in Boca Raton, Florida, has announced a revolutionary product: a coffee cup lid with a patented design that shows users when the lid is secured tightly, preventing spills that can burn skin and stain clothing.

The ūVu Lid is a breakthrough innovation that protects users from dangerous leaks, drips, and spills. The double inner seal of the lid securely grips both sides of the cup’s rim for a much tighter seal, while a deep reservoir catches overflow. Four slots along the rim of the lid, called uVu windows, provide visual confirmation at a glance that the lid is securely fit.

ūVu Lids were born from the remains of a ruined suit. In 1998, company founder David Weiss unintentionally spilled coffee on his brand new suit, which got him to thinking about how the design of the standard coffee cup lid—something most coffee drinkers take for granted—could be improved.

“Ruining a suit was frustrating, but I was pretty fortunate. The suit protected me; I could have really hurt myself,” said Weiss.

According to The Burn Foundation, hot liquids, such as coffee or tea can cause life-threatening injuries. The ideal water temperature for coffee is 195-205 º F, which can cause a severe burn in less than one second. Small children—who will often bump a cup or grab at a parent’s arm while they are drinking—and older adults are the most common victims of scalding burns. As a result of burn injuries from hot coffee, there have been numerous lawsuits nationwide against chain and independent coffee houses, restaurants that serve hot drinks, and even organizations, such as hospitals.

ūVu Lids fit most coffee cups with one size that is compatible with most 12, 16, and 20 oz. disposable cups. The lids also come in custom colors to complement brands and special promotions. 

The lid won the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) People’s Choice Award for Best New Packaging Product. In addition, Georgia Tech Research Institute conducted a consumer product accessibility evaluation of ūVu Lids for arthritis sufferers, which passed all nine checklist criteria. One hundred percent of participants could use the product with little or no difficulty.

ABOUT uVu Technologies

uVu Technologies is a premier packaging, instrument and digital technology design leader based in Boca Raton, Florida. Its singular mission: to make the world better and safer through innovation. The firm supports multi-national food manufacturers, retailers and other related clients with end-to-end expertise across product design and development, prototype development, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, legal, and financial support.

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