Coffee Lids

Hot Coffee Cup Lids

No one ever thinks about coffee cup lids - until they fail.

Coffee cup spills, leaks and drips not only irritate your customers - they're a costly liability waiting to happen. Standard coffee cup lids used today are often subject to litigation caused by scalding coffee or wet floor slips. In fact, more than 70% of surveyed consumers said they experienced a spill because the coffee cup lid didn't fit properly...and there are more than 10,000,000 distinct hits of reported claims of coffee spills!

But you don't have to take our word for it...

Satisfied customers, baristas and coffee shop owners alike give their feedback on the safer, better uVu Lids. One customer proclaims, "...I'm definitely coming back here knowing that my coffee's safe, it's not going to spill on me!"

Hot Lids by uVu Technologies prevent hot spills and leaks

For the same price as standard coffee cup lids, uVu lids assure your customers a much safer, environmentally-friendlier, and simpler experience. uVu coffee cup lids can be made by your manufacturer of choice, using our licensed technology.

uVu Lids Drive-Thru Challenge

If you're in the fast-food business, you can't afford NOT to look at the uVu Lids Drive Thru Challenge. Server ready? GO!

Protecting thousands of people right now

uVu coffee cup lids are a safer choice for restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, food/beverage packagers and manufacturers. They're successfully protecting thousands of customers and employees as you read this.